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  Physical & Information Security Audit :

A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the organization's security system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. A thorough audit typically assesses the security of the system's physical configuration and environment, software, information, handling processes, user practices, regulatory compliances, access control procedures and systems to determine its level of vulnerability. Our team of Physical & IT Security experts undertake integrated security audits in keeping with BS ISO/IEC 17799, 27001, 27005 and 31000 standards.

The services include:
  • Security policy formulation and review
  • Organization of information security
  • IT asset management
  • Human resources security
  • Physical & environmental security for IT setup
  • Communication and operations management
  • Access control.
  • Information security Incident management
  • Business continuity management
  • Compliances for physical and IT security

  Security Survey, Risk Assessment & Business Continuity Planning:

Our experienced security professionals from defense services background have sound expertise in conducting comprehensive security appreciations for planning and deployment of physical and virtual security measures across the entire spectrum of business & other customized needs.

We help our clients in :
  • Review of security situation, threat vectors and factors effecting overall security
  • Identifying & analyzing threats & vulnerabilities
  • Planning and deployment for security of assets and premises
  • Loss prevention and shrink control measures for critical business mass and material
  • Employee safety and well-being services
  • Business continuity planning and crisis management support

  Customized Security Budgeting, Project Planning & Management:

In today's fast-paced, ever evolving and extremely dynamic threat environment, the organization's needs for ensuring fool-proof, updated security and safety is a challenging task. It involves foresight, innovation and professional acumen in planning and execution of enterprise wide security projects. Our qualified project managers have overseen several Greenfield and Brown field (upgrade) projects for planning, setup and periodic upgrade of physical security architecture in respect of client office premises, commercial and industrial complexes, factory plants and workshop premises, residential complexes and townships.

We undertake :
  • Security budgeting, planning, design and deployment for a greenfield projects
  • Technology upgrade and refinement for your existing security structure
  • Security Resource and Technology Optimization to achieve cost effectiveness
  • Long term, future-ready, environmental friendly security solutions
  • Implementation of non-intrusive security tools
  • Enterprise-wide Security Project Management contract

  Smart Electronic Security and Surveillance Solutions:

We undertake comprehensive security survey for our clients' office premises, warehouses, factory complexes and similar business needs, to include planning from drawing-board stage onwards, selection & siting, deployment & monitoring of security technology architecture.

We specialised in :
  • IP-based and local access control systems.
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Fire, anti-burglary and intrusion detection systems
  • Technical collaboration and consultancy services for Smart Video Analytics & biometric access controls and attendance systems

  Security Automation and Communication:

We undertake setting-up and management of Integrated Command and Control (ICC) facilities for large & medium installations, to include planning, set-up and operation of a modern Command Centre, active 24x7 SOC - Operations and Emergency Response Facility.

Besides, we also cater to modern day needs for

  • Visitor Management Systems solutions
  • Wireless, walkie-talkie communications
  • RTLS based vehicle fleet tracking systems

   Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Solutions For Decision Makers:

The Modern day, ever expanding world of social media and internet based virtual connectivity, several new threat vectors, security challenges and safety variables have emerged. These tend to have a mass, global influence, often virulent and pose vast visibility. Hence these are hypersensitive and need to be handled with a professional, skilled diligence. Our team of OSINT analysts and social media insight experts are armed with some of the most sophisticated and extremely powerful OSINT tools to always stay on top of this emerging new security paradigm. We have deployed multiple smart OSINT platforms to meet the diverse and customizable client needs in social media insight gathering and analysis. The smart, machine learning tools used by our OSINT experts are among the best in the world, relied upon by the top most government and corporate entities globally. The accurate, reliable and timely inputs generated from open source with the help of these tools, facilitate decision makers and apex management of the company take important strategic decisions, and execute timely, proactive steps, thereby ensuring that they always stay ahead of the curve. As mentioned, our OSINT tools are customizable, scalable and intelligent. Using these to make key leadership decisions, and to gain deep business, marketing & security insights is not only cost-effective but a real, value for-money proposition. This specialized service of ours is useful to our clients in gathering an early warning on business opportunities, incidents, issues and events globally and in local markets; for keeping a discreet watch on social media activity within the office/work premise; to track specific individuals, groups and entities; to ensure employee safety; and to implement a strong counter-intelligence mechanism for the organization. Dovetailed to this unique smart service are other value add-ons such as Travel Risk & Safety Advisory services, brand reputation management & risk mitigation, customer behaviour insights, etc.

  Cyber Security and Crime Consultancy:

With every passing day we are witnessing an exponential rise in cyber crime and cyber security breach incidents. The incidents have not only risen in numbers, variety, potency and virulence, but also severity of damage they can cause to the increasingly connected and integrated business systems globally. Ransomware, Identity Theft, Illegal Data Mining are some of the new generation crimes against which we are constantly struggling to find solutions and to mitigate risks. Our experts with vast corporate and military intelligence background blended (III) Customized Security Budgeting, Project Planning & Management (VII) Cyber Security and Crime Consultancy We specialize in :- Besides, we also cater to modern day needs for with cyber security skill set provide professional consultancy services in the following domains :- Cyber security initiative - detection, mitigation, awareness and staff training. Cybercrime investigation, digital forensics services and evidence trail gathering. Consultancy services for cyber security best practices, technology upgrades and optimized solutions.

  Corporate Investigations and Secret Services:

We specialize in corporate investigations and clandestine, undercover assignments. Our qualified counter-intelligence specialists have been trained by some of the best secret services and military intelligence services of India, and around the world including Israel, US and UK. Our experienced investigators have an enviable track record of solving some of the most hiprofile, complex and super-sensitive cases of corporate espionage, brand abuse, subversion, military espionage and anti-national activities.

Our special services include :

  • Corporate intelligence and clandestine internal investigations.
  • Fraud detection and risk mitigation
  • Hi-tech digital forensic investigations
  • Digital evidence gathering and processing
  • Specialists for under-cover insertions, covert surveillance and activity check on suspects within and outside the organisation
  • Confidential intelligence assessments and security verification reports
  • End to end case resolution from detection to support for prosecution
  • Sensitive counterintelligence assignments to safeguard Company's reputation, trade secrets and sensitive proprietary information

  Verification & Background Check Services:

Making the right hiring decisions for your company is critical to your businesses success. But putting the right person in place is not always easy. In today's society, it's necessary for businesses to protect/to secure both their companies and their employees, so it's very important to conduct background checks. Background screenings can be thought of as a first-line defense system for businesses. Having a screening process in place allows employers to make more well-informed decisions when hiring and can potentially put a stop to workplace risks such as theft, fraud, abuse or even worse.

Discreet as well as overt verification services in respect of employees/prospective employees and out-sourced staff; to include:

  • Comprehensive character screening
  • Detailed Background Verification
  • Reputation check
  • Customized HR services