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We pay great deal of attention over recruiting skilled employees and keep them constantly motivated by employee development and people management skills as our employees are the main source of our success. Its the employees attitude, their service-level and efforts that make us adhere to our standards and meet every customer expectation. The utmost attention is given to the recruitment of our personal in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as a company policy.

"By employing people from different backgrounds, communities & locations, we are well equipped to understand the needs of our clients and to provide professional and quality service."

Attributes, which we seek in Attivo Protezione personal, are:
  • Basic Etiquettes
  • Capability and Experience
  • Need and Interest in Job
  • Education and Intelligence
  • Patience and Politeness
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Alertness/Promptness
  • Firmness and Determination
  • Honesty and Dedication
  • Investigating Skills
  • Well-Mannered/Behaved
  • Ability to Proact rather React
  • Background and Reference checks
  • Pleasing, Helping and Cordial personality


Before deployment, it is mandatory for all Attivo Protezione employees to undertake basic Training Course which imparts the necessary skills to perform duties. Our training courses are based as per PSARA Act. In addition to lessons on basic guarding skills they are taught the rudiments of First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Defence. The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employees' career to refresh and further develop their knowledge.

The Expert Trainers provides on job training programs all the year round. Continuing education and skill up gradation is ensured through a well structured four tier program. Covering Basic, Comprehensive Supervisory Management, Assignment Supervision and Control and Security Management for different levels of security personnel i.e. guarding personnel, supervisory & middle management staff as well as the senior management cadre.

Our training courses are designed after having in-depth discussions with the client and assessing the training needs of the staff. The aim of these courses is to enhance the security skills of the security personnel and develop management skills in the supervisory and management staff. A broad outline of the various courses conducted for the Staff are set out below. These courses are conducted by way of classroom lectures using audio aid, role-play exercises and on the site practical training.

Basic Courses for Security Personnel

  • Vigilance
  • Self Defense
  • Guarding Skills
  • Access Control
  • Search Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Main Gate Duties
  • Visitor Management
  • Principles of Security
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Material Management
  • Greetings to costumers
  • Etiquettes and Behaviour
  • Patrolling of the Premises
  • Traffic Control and Parking
  • Record Maintenance and Filing

Refresher Course

  • Mock Drill
  • Focus on Job
  • Report Writing
  • Maintaining SOP
  • Code of Conduct
  • Emergency Contact
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Legal Aspects of Guarding
  • Team Work and Motivation
  • Client Based Requirements
  • Transforming Requirements
  • Handling Electronic Security

Specific Training

  • First Aid
  • CCTV Operation
  • Damage Control
  • Biometric Systems
  • Handling Metal Detectors
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Handling latest electronics
  • Geometric Location Tracker
  • Fire Fighting Equipments Operation
  • Disaster Management Programs
  • Informational Management
  • Crisis Management


"In Operations, we firmly believe in Quality, Quantity and Punctuality."


Apart from the corporate office, we also have regional offices in the eastern, northern, western, southern and central regions which control the branch offices. To ensure immediate client response, we have branch offices in almost all major cities and industrial areas where we increased our business operations. We also have operational centres and we place officers at the nearest location to their work area. Our all branches equipped with various kind of four wheeler vehicles and bikes for easy transportation and patrolling of our staff at the client site. We provide corporate mobile numbers, data cards and fuel cards, laptops, pen drives, PPE, and various tools and equipment to our officers as per their job requirements. Our employees wear company ID cards while on duty. We provide smart uniforms to our officers & managers which is different from our ground staff team.
All the items, equipment and infrastructure required for duty at client premises will be provided by the clients only.

Uniform and Accessories

Our employees wear company ID cards and neat and clean uniform while on duty. We provides smart uniform to all ground level (assigned) employees. The uniform is given at the time of the employee's joining and afterwards completion of every one year, which has a set of two pairs each. In addition, we provide various protective wear and seasonal wear like raincoat, umbrellas, jackets, sweaters, gumboots, etc. according to requirements.


Our operations have been geographically segmented into state/zones by Vp’s and General Manager’s. Each zones are fully equipped with supporting staff, inclusive of Operational Manager, Training Manager, HR Manager and other related supervisory staff. Attivo Protezione Pvt Ltd. security re-invests in its security personnel's by keeping them well trained, well motivated and focused in their work.


In order to provide quality service, we give priority on depth and active on-the-ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operations team comprising of managers and area officers, who are informed with all required communications, carry out checks on all our assignments on a 24x7 basis.

Surprise Checks and Night Rounds

We carry out surprise visits, checks including night rounds to cross check and maintain the quality, alertness, efficiency, turnout, discipline etc. of the staff. Our patrolling vehicles are fully equipped with necessary gadgets & equipments and it is in operation round the clock.

Pre-assignment Procedure and Instructions

Before we take up any assignment, a team of operations staff visits the site to analyze and understand the security needs of client's premises. Based on the survey report an operational setup for the premises is designed.

Site Security Survey

Our experts will carry out detailed and independent assessments of your security requirements and manage change where required. Surveys designed to reduce risk and costs, but maximize the impact of electronic security, virtual Security and manned guarding etc.

Instructions and SOP's

A detailed set of instructions including charter of duties for assigned personnel; client's expectations emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of on job / post & site instructions is prepared in consultation with client.

Disaster Management

Attivo security personnel are specialized in disaster response management. They assist our clients in crisis by ensuring following measures:

  • Traffic Control
  • Rescue and Evacuation
  • Crowd Control & Route Guidance
  • Assist in Fire Fighting and Control
  • Situation stabilization during crisis.
  • Assist to reach at assembly points & head count.
  • Coordinating with Emergency Services like Police/Fire Brigade/Ambulance etc.
  • Proper Information about Incident (By phones, alarms, hooters etc.)
  • Assist in providing first Aid, stretchers, wheel chairs etc.
  • Maintain proper communication during emergency.


    Attivo Protezione Pvt. Ltd. adheres to all applicable statutory & regulatory requirements. Where, principal employer is responsible to follow the guidelines of Government towards the minimum wages, duty hours, statutory compliances and other benefits applicable to the assigned personnel, we ensure timely compliances as per service level agreement. We posses all the requisite licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities under the applicable laws, rules and regulations at any time.

    Any official of the company will not permit any illegal or unethical act or instruct others to do so for any reason. Company shall adhere with the Law in case of any conflicts with a particular action, Industry Practice, Company Policy or Service Level Agreement.

We are compliance under;

  1. Companies Act, 1956.
  2. Shop & Establishment Act, 1948.
  3. PSARA - Act, 2005.
  4. Provident Fund Act, 1952.
  5. Employee State Insurance Act, 1948.
  6. Professional Tax Act, 1975.
  7. Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953.
  8. The Contract Labour Act, 1970.
  9. Workmen Compensation Act, 1923.
  10. Goods and Service Tax (GST) Act, 2017.
  11. MSME Act 2006 / NSIC Act, 2006.
  12. Registered with Trade Mark Act, 1999.
  13. Maharashtra Private Security Guards Act, 1981.
  14. All applicable statutory requirements at business location.

We carry out surprise visits checks including night rounds to cross check and maintain the quality alertness, efficiency, turnout, discipline etc. of the staff. Our patrolling vehicles are fully equipped with necessary gadgets & equipments and it is in operation round the clock.
"In Operations, we firmly believe in Quality, Quantity and Punctuality".


We have tied up with various national and private banks for salary accounts and other available facilities like ATMs, loans etc. for our employees. We credit salary of all our employees in their respective bank account only.

  • Collection of Verified Attendance from Client.
  • Calculation of wages / salary.
  • Calculation of allowance’s overtime.
  • Deduction of PF & ESI.
  • Deduction of Applicable Tax.
  • Deduction of Advance, Loan, EMI.
  • Deduction of Uniform & others issued items.
  • Reimbursements of allowance and Incentives.
  • Preparation of individual salary slip.
  • Preparation of net pay summary of unit.
  • Maintenance of wages register of unit.
  • Credit salary in bank account.
  • Inform to personnel about their salary disbursement.
  • Amount disbursals of Bonus, Paid Leave and Gratuity etc.
  • Maintenance of various registers as per applicable Laws.