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Facility management can be termed as the collaboration and utilization of people and resources helpful to render services and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the given space, work environment including the ambience and equipment, thus creating a comfortable healthy and clean environment for the people and the organization.

Our Services are includes, Facility attendant, Event Attendant, Lobby attendant, Janitor, Receptionist, Lift operator, Escalator operator, store Attendant, Parking Attendant, Xerox operator, Peon, Data entry operator, Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, DG operator, Driver, cleaner, Ward Boy, Nurse, pantry boys, Kooks, etc. to our clients.

We at APPL offer a comprehensive and integrated facility management services for all sectors of Industries, Commercial, Corporate, Financial, Constructions, Information Technology (IT), Hotels, Hospitals, Automobile, Manufacturing and Hospitality.


Manned Security System :

Our security personnel are carefully trained and uniformed to reflect the style and culture of each business and the working environment.

Our Manned Security Services includes :

1 Industrial Security
2 Residential Security
3 Corporate Security
4 Warehouse security
5 Hotel Security
6 ATM Security

7 Banking Security
8 Institutional Security
9 Commercial Security
10 Tele com Security
11 Tower Security

Electronic Security Services :

We have provision of fully integrated electronic security solutions, closed circuit television surveillance (CCTV) and access control systems. We offer a comprehensive range of services, based on cutting-edge technology, for the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

These include :
1 CCTV Surveillance
2 Automatic Barricade
3 Computer Based Monitoring
4 Anti Theft Alarm / Burglar Alarms
5 Fire Prevention and Protection Equipments
6 Frisking Through Metal Detector

Event Security Management :

Whether you require security on a 'one to one' or 'special function' basis, we can provide experienced bodyguards, combat officers and close protection personnel as well as advanced security and transportation. We provide such type of personnel and services for public events, Conferences, seminars, AGM's and exhibitions.

Our experienced management and support services team will be pleased to assist you with any event planning and preparation and, if required, will attend any pre-event safety meetings on your behalf.

Dog and Handler :

Our professionally trained Dog handlers, together with our highly trained security dogs, make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests.

The dog can use its heightened senses to scent, see or hear intruders or hidden person. Displaying controlled aggression and standing its ground, the dog can protect both security personnel and premises at the same time.

Mobiles Patrols :

Mobile patrols provide a fast, efficient and professional service and are widely recognized as a cost effective alternative to a permanent manned security presence. Our team can provide a mix of both scheduled and random visits.

In line with each customer's specific requirements, high profile, uniformed Officers in clearly identified vehicles, will visit and inspect premises at agreed frequencies. Accurate data on each visit can be provided and the use of warning boards on the exterior of a building can be an effective deterrent for would-be vandals and intruders.

We can provide highly trained officers to protect high value assets in transit.

Under Cover Services :

We will deploy undercover operatives as company employees or in other appropriate positions to minimize risk and reduce losses caused by dishonesty, malpractice and fraud.

Our confidential security report help to client in concerns regarding dishonesty, harassment , malpractice, health and safety issues, union activities, IR issues etc.

Security Survey :

Our experts will carry out detailed and independent assessments of your security requirements and manage change where required. Surveys designed to reduce risk and costs, but maximize the impact of security hardware or guards.


Fresh and clean surrounding will lead to a healthy working environment which is the basis for an efficiently functioning working environment. This also contributes greatly for the well-being of the employees and increases employee productivity as most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

We pay great deal of attention over recruiting skilled employees and keep them constantly motivated by employee development and people management skills as our employees are the main source of our success. It’s the employee’s attitude, their service-level and efforts that make us adhere to our standards and meet every customer expectation.

Our sole aim is to cater to the needs of every customer requirements at an individual level by providing them customized cleaning solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. We keep a tough control over our service quality to be capable of living up to the customer expectations.


Providing skilled manpower (all levels) on contractual basis, keeping them on the company’s (APPLS) payroll and providing replacement⁄reliever wherever required. Taking care of their Salaries and HR related statutory compliances.

Our payroll process is based on following systems:

1 Collection of attendance from Client’s
2 Calculation of wages / salary
3 Calculation of allowance’s overtime’s
4 Deduction of PF & ESI
5 Deduction of required Tax’s.
6 Deduction of Advance, Lone, EMI. (if any)
7 Deduction of Uniform & others provided items. (if any)

8 Reimbursements of allowance’s and Incentives
9 Preparation of individual salary slip
10 Preparation of net pay summary of unit
11 Maintenance wages register of unit
12 Deposit salary in bank account
13 Inform to personnel’s about their salary payments
14 Amount disbursals of Bonus, Paid Leave, Gratuity & others (as per client/contract).